Apnea is named after our common passion. A manufacturing and trading company, active in the diving equipment, with a network of collaborating stores throughout Greece and abroad. Apnea in the early 90's changed the philosophy of the equipment and set the trend by designing and manufacturing products that remain unsurpassed for its unparalleled quality, reliability and design. Apnea offers two smooth skin wetsuit to the overall winners (male and female) for each 2018 edition of the redCcup.


The Paralenz Dive Camera is an underwater camera built by divers, for divers. As easy to use as a flashlight. Ready to dive straight out of the box giving you beautiful footage to share with your friends. Easy! Main features include: depth controlled color correction, pressure & temperature sensors, haptic vibration feedback, magnetic switch buttons, design compatible with gloves, extra solid built for rough use, waterproof with no need for casing, depth rated to 250m/820ft, no fisheye distortion, extra-strong light sensor, electronic image stabilisation, snap record, auto start/stop video recording, aluminum with titanium screws, and more... Two Paralenz Dive Cameras are from now on used for bottom footage during all the redCcup competitions.


Octopus is a company producing innovative freediving equipment. Created by Swiss designer and freediver Pascal Berger, all Octopus products are made using the finest materials, guaranteeing Swiss quality you can trust! One of Pascal's products is the Octopus noseclip: a colorful mix of ergonomic design and high-quality components. And for the 2018 editions we will have Octopus’s new lanyards as a price as well.


Chabaud offers, for each 2018 edition, two of his high design neckweights as a price to our competitors.
The winners can chose the weight they desire, ranging between 500g to 1.750kg. The price will include one neckweight, two additional weights of 100g each and one strap for closure.


Yoga for Freediving an Online Video Training Programme with Sara Campbell. Consisting of six unique online courses, over 60 videos and 17 hours of meditation, pranayama, lectures, visualisations and more. It is these methods which enabled Sara to claim three World Records with just nine months of training - without forcing and without injury. Sara offers to all athletes and team one course of her series!


Inge Verbruggen is a freediver and Metal Clay artist from Belgium. Designing jewellery is her passion, all her creations are made completely by hand and only available in limited editions. Her inspiration comes mainly from nature. Inge: 'I started diving and it openend up a whole new world. The colours, the sounds, the fish, the plants, ... were all new experiences to me and to this day are huge source of inspiration.' She offers a few of her beautiful creations as a special price for female participants during the RedCcup!


SurfEars are earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. The idea behind SurfEars was born in 2011 when one of the inventors caught a serious ear infection, a problem that freedivers often have to face as well. Surfears have an inner chamber and a micro mesh covering the entry; only the inner chamber fills with a small amount of water as you descend, and helps to protect the outher ear from getting infected. Surfear provides six pairs of earplugs for our winners for each of the 2018 editions.



We use a coefficient to determine the overall winners for the redCcup. The coefficient is based on the current World Record per discipline for males / females and results in a point system as stated below. The overall winners will be the athlete(s) collecting the most points over the three depth days regardless of what discipline he / she performed in. The static competition is separate from the depth competition and doesn’t count determining the overall winners.

  • CWT, 1m of depth, 1 point
  • CNF, 1m of depth, 1.26 points
  • FIM, 1m of depth, 1.04 points
  • CWT, 1m of depth, 1 point
  • CNF, 1m of depth, 1.44 points
  • FIM, 1m of depth, 1.13 points


  • Overall Winners, 2nd and 3rd in the overall ranking (male and female)
  • Paralenz Competition Winner
  • Winners per discipline in CWT, FIM and CNF (male and female)
  • Longest Static (male and female)
  • Best Newcommer (male and female)


For the 11th edition of the redCcup we are pleased to announce that Paralenz will sponsor the redCcup with a special price, the innovative Paralenz Dive Camera (we use two of these high end cameras for bottom footage during the competitions).
One Camera will be offered to the male or female freediver with the best performances in all three disciplines (CWT, FIM, CNF) together. The performances are weighted as a percentage of the current world records to make male and female performances comparable and give both genders equal chances of winning this awesome camera.