Disciplines of choice for depth days: Constant Weight (CWT), Free Immersion (FIM) and Constant No Fin (CNF).
You are free to compete in each discipline more than once and in any order that you like. The maxium allowed depth is 93m.

The static competition day takes place in the confined waters of the Lighthouse. Buoys will be available for your warm ups and official performances.


The Redccup is an AIDA ranked competition. To be able to get ranked under AIDA:
  1. The competitor must be a member of an AIDA National (rule 3.1.2).
  2. Be signed up as an athlete on So that we are able to process your results with AIDA International.
The Redccup competitions are conducted according to AIDA competition rules. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be familiar with the rules. You can find the rules here: The day before the start of each event there will be a competition meeting, where athletes have the opportunity to ask the AIDA event judges any questions regarding the rules.


Medical support
Our medic since the 9th edition is Gracie Pescador, who has extended experience working in Pediatrics, Nursery, Cardiac, Oncology, ICU, Medical, Maternity Clinic and in management as well. She worked as a nurse in California for 37 years, retired in 2014 to travel the world and is living in Dahab since 2017.

Note: Any athlete who experiences a SQUEEZE, BLACK OUT or other medical condition that may jeopardize his/her safety will need a mandatory medical examination and clearance by Gracie, according to AIDA rules 4.6.4 and 3.1.14, before being allowed to dive on the next competition day.

We offer decompression O2 for athletes according to the following policy:
  • FREE Decompression-O2 at depth for scuba certified athletes diving deeper then 75m (CWT / FIM) or 50m (CNF)
  • FREE decompression-O2 at surface for athletes without scuba certification diving deeper then 75m (CWT / FIM) or 50m (CNF)
  • The decompression-O2 will be limited to 6 minutes on either surface or at 5m depth. Both surface and at depth deco will be monitored by a staff member
  • For athletes wanting to do O2-decompression and are diving shallower than the mentioned depths, we apply a surcharge of 4 EURO per usage
  • For decompression-O2 at depth we need a copy of your scuba certification during the registration process


The RedCcup competitions are covered by award-winning underwater photographers Wendy Timmermans and Guillaume Bihet from Seadrops Photography .

A selection of images of the event will be published on RedCcup's social media. We only publish pictures that portrait our sport in a positive way, no black outs et cetera will be published. In case you don't want to appear on social media, please inform the organisers.

Athletes have the option to book the photographer for either photos or videos of their dive. For this, discuss with the photographer in advance your wishes, either by email or during the registration meeting. We have a 100% customer satisfaction approach: you only pay for the images that you like and want.


On the last day of each competition we organize the famous redCcup closing ceremony and dinner, a perfect time to connect with other athletes and staff. Details on the program and extra’s will follow as soon as possible. The closing ceremony and dinner is open to all, so you can bring your friends.

What we need to know from you now is if you come (or not) and if so, how many people and what choice of food for you and your friends. The closing dinner will be in buffet style with the choice of chicken or veggie dishes. Drinks (if alcoholic) you have to bring yourself.



average sea temperature



The redCcup competitions are held under the banner of the Dutch Freediving Association and Aida Egypt.